About Us


Corporate Vision


Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. was founded in 1910.  In our more than 100-year history, we have devoted ourselves to creating a company to provide an environment to enhance productivity and creativity to our customers.

Uchida Handbells embody our company values of community building and enriching people’s lives.  Our handbells are not only used to teach music but also to help people realize their creative potential. The experience of creating music together enhances team work in everyone, from school children to adults.  Uchida handbells have even been used in corporate training for team building.  Creating music as a team is not only fun, but brings excitement to the players and their audience.  We sincerely hope to share this excitement with you through our handbells.




Handbell Maker's Vision


We are the 3rd generation of workers creating Uchida handbells. Our bells are the same size throughout their range, a feature that took exceptional effort to design. We assure you that hard work goes into manufacturing our bells to be excellent musical instruments. First we choose the best material. There are many types of sheet metal, but we choose only high quality metal for our instruments. We age the metal as necessary, in order to stabilize the sound. Forming the bell shape from the sheet metal requires skill and experience. Our quality control is very high. We test the tuning of all our bells and reject all those that do not meet our high standards. We hope to bring the enjoyment of playing our bells to as many people as possible.

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