Model: MB-GEN 20 Bells ranging from A4 to E6

The larger diameter of our Excellent Line Gold Model handbells creates a warm resonant sound suitable for any performance venue, large or small. Greater resonance and volume give a higher quality of sound with a mysterious depth and complexity suitable for maturing musicians.

20 Bells Set

Individual Bell


Listen to It!

UCHIDA Handbell MB-GEN Set

MB-GEN Set (20 Handbells)


  • MB-GEN Set x 1
  • Stand for 10 Handbells x 2
  • Carrying Soft Bag (Model 6) for 10 handbells x 2

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*The actual sound is one octave higher than the sound that is displayed in the score.

Product Code
Description Product Code
8-257-7201 MB-GEN N0.1 A 8-257-7213 MB-GEN N0.13 A
8-257-7202 MB-GEN N0.2 B♭ 8-257-7214 MB-GEN N0.14 B♭
8-257-7203 MB-GEN N0.3 B 8-257-7215 MB-GEN N0.15 B
8-257-7204 MB-GEN N0.4 C 8-257-7216 MB-GEN N0.16 C
8-257-7205 MB-GEN N0.5 C♯ 8-257-7217 MB-GEN N0.17 C♯
8-257-7206 MB-GEN N0.6 D 8-257-7218 MB-GEN N0.18 D
8-257-7207 MB-GEN N0.7 D♯ 8-257-7219 MB-GEN N0.19 D♯
8-257-7208 MB-GEN N0.8 E 8-257-7220 MB-GEN N0.20 E
8-257-7209 MB-GEN N0.9 F
8-257-7210 MB-GEN N0.10 F♯
8-257-7211 MB-GEN N0.11 G
8-257-7212 MB-GEN N0.12 G♯

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Rigid Resin


Brass (Gold Plated)


Dimension and Weight


Outer Diameter



85 mm / 3.35 inch

160 mm / 6.3 inch

178 g / 6.28 ounce



Non graduated tuning for light weight and portability.

Conductive to multiple playing techniques such as traditional ringing, harmonic stacking, martellato and Swiss style shaking.

Their deep resonance is rich and mysterious.

Their deep resonance is rich and mysterious.