Model: MB-SP 27 Bells ranging from F5 to G7

Our Premium Line Silver Model handbells are true performance quality instruments. Beautiful in both sound and appearance, their mellow, chime-like sound is sure to charm and sooth performers and audience alike. Their uniform and compact size enhances their portability and ease of storage between rehearsals.



27 Bells Set

Individual Bell


Listen to It!

UCHIDA Handbell MB-SP Set
Storage Case

MB-SP Set (27 Handbells)


  • MB-SP Set x 1
  • Carrying Hard Case x 1

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*The actual sound is one octave higher than the sound that is displayed in the score.

Product Code
Description Product Code
8-257-7301 MB-SP N0.1 F 8-257-7315 MB-SP N0.15 G
8-257-7302 MB-SP N0.2 F♯ 8-257-7316 MB-SP N0.16 G♯
8-257-7303 MB-SP N0.3 G 8-257-7317 MB-SP N0.17 A
8-257-7304 MB-SP N0.4 G♯ 8-257-7318 MB-SP N0.18 B♭
8-257-7305 MB-SP N0.5 A 8-257-7319 MB-SP N0.19 B
8-257-7306 MB-SP N0.6 B♭ 8-257-7320 MB-SP N0.20 C
8-257-7307 MB-SP N0.7 B 8-257-7321 MB-SP N0.21 C♯
8-257-7308 MB-SP N0.8 C 8-257-7322 MB-SP N0.22 D
8-257-7309 MB-SP N0.9 C♯ 8-257-7323 MB-SP N0.23 D♯
8-257-7310 MB-SP N0.10 D 8-257-7324 MB-SP N0.24 E
8-257-7311 MB-SP N0.11 D♯ 8-257-7325 MB-SP N0.25 F
8-257-7312 MB-SP N0.12 E 8-257-7326 MB-SP N0.26 F♯
8-257-7313 MB-SP N0.13 F 8-257-7327 MB-SP N0.27 G
8-257-7314 MB-SP N0.14 F♯

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Dimension and Weight








Name Plate



Zinc Die-Cast (Silver Plated)

No. 1 ~ 21 Brass (Silver Plated)

No. 22 ~ 27 Iron (Silver Plated)

Zinc Die-Cast (Gold Plated)


Outer Diameter




74 mm / 2.91 inch

174 mm / 6.85 inch

245 g / 8.64 ounce




Non graduated tuning for light weight and portability.

Conductive to multiple playing techniques such as traditional ringing, harmonic stacking, martellato and Swiss style shaking.

Their chime-like sound creates a feeling of cool serenity.

Their chime-like sound creates a feeling of cool serenity.