The Beauty of Uchida Handbells


Uchida handbells are the result of our dedication to making the experience of playing high quality bells accessible to as many people as possible.


Due to our unique precision manufacturing method developed in Japan, we are able to offer instruments that combine the excellent intonation and brilliant tone of high quality instruments with an affordability that opens up a world of possibility for music educators, ensemble directors and anyone who wishes to enrich the musical life of their community with the unique qualities of handbells.


Uchida handbells are uniform in size to enhance their portability, playability and affordability while not sacrificing their rich sound quality or accurate tuning. This unique feature enables us to make a handbell set that is compact in size and easy to carry and store.


Our manufacturing process allows us to offer high-quality handbells that can easily be assembled into a set that fits your musical needs best. Your order can be as large as a set of 35 bells (just under 3 octaves), or as small as one individual bell.


Uchida Handbells Product Lines


We have two main product lines – the Premium Line and the Excellent Line.

 Gold Model

Our Premium Line handbells are bound to make a big impact on music making in the US. Their small and uniform size makes them highly portable and easy to store making them a great choice for educational environments.

 Silver Model

 Gold Model

Our Excellent Line handbells have an elegant appearance along with their beautiful sound and are ideally suited for performance, worship or therapeutic settings.

 Silver Model

Uchida handbells have the option of a stand for easy storage and display. These stands are included with the soft case but must be ordered separately if you ordered your bells on their own or with the hard case.

Uchida offers both a soft case and a hard case for your bells. The soft case is excellent for teachers and performers that often travel short distances and need something light-weight and portable.  It also includes bell stands. The hard case offers better protection for long distance travel, as well as for storage.